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It Was A Set Up!

Go To The Gym!

My intentions were good. I picked out my clothes for the next day. Assembled all of my toiletries so they could be easily packed along with my clothes for the day. Alarms were set. Yup, my plan to hit the gym in the morning was looking quite promising.

Then 4:30am hit.
Alarms went off.
I snoozed.
Alarms kept going off.
I continued to snooze.
After a while I realized that I set myself up for failure.

Let me just say that I did not mean to set myself up. I was boosted about the gym…despite my reservations about how I was going to make it work. Let me explain.

My gym opens at 530a. It’s about a 30 minute bus ride from my place due to a transfer. First bus out is around 520a. I could be at the gym for at least an hour easily. That would get me back to my place around 730ish. That leaves me not much time to chill out, nourish and hydrate. I’ll be going straight to getting ready for work.

Plan B. Hit the gym at the same start time, knock it out and either shower there or at the small gym at work. That leaves me plenty of time to relax post workout. I’ll even get to work earlier. My issue with this option is that it is not my shower. Plus I’ll be carrying around a gym bag with my sweaty clothes in it all day. OH, and I’ll most likely have to buy my breakfast or other form of nourishment since I won’t be going home to fix it! That could add up.

For this morning I went with plan B. I truly believe that due to my reservations about this plan my brain was like, “Um…no. We’re staying in this comfortable bed under these covers feeling toasty instead of braving this below freezing weather to go to the gym.”

So my body obliged. See? It was a set up!

I will make another attempt next week. Since my evenings are all over the place moving my gym time to the morning was a necessity. I believe my days will be have a bit more pep (like I really need to be more peppy…lol). This NEEDS to happen. And so it shall!

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