She Muses

As My Year Draws To A Close . . .

Yes, you read that correctly. My life year will draw to a close at the end of this day. A new year will emerge. Filled with endless opportunities if I have the passion and drive to go for them. When. The correct word is when.

Many use the traditional calendar New Year to come up with their resolutions, goals, plans and other such to-dos. Since my birthday is so close to the New Year, I take from the 1st to my day of birth to really think about what I’d like to accomplish for my coming year. How can I make my next year as phenomenal as my last? Are there any items that I can carry over? You know . . . all of this sounds strangely like New Year’s resolutions, don’t they? Hehehe.

Surprisingly, I only have one item. Just one. I believe that this one will open the door to so many other different things. These different things will enhance my general quality of life. All from just doing this one item.

Be Present

What do I mean by “BE PRESENT?”

For those of you that have followed me a long time or have known me for a good amount of time know that I live in my own little world the majority of the time. I have such a blast in my world even when I am visiting the “real” world. These worlds collide on a constant basis due to my overactive imagination. The great thing about this is that I enjoy my own company. There are not a lot of women that can say that. This, unfortunately, also hinders me in a way. I come out of my world to mingle maybe about 65% of the time and I sure as hell don’t let that many folks in.

My plan is to be MORE PRESENT in the real world. To enjoy the company of many others besides myself. I need to boost up that percentage is what I’m saying. I need to take in what the real world has to offer and give of my world as much as possible.

I feel like this will be an extraordinary building year for me. I’m looking forward to it!

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