She Muses

Clutter, Clutter . . . And MORE Clutter!


There is just WAY TO MUCH going on with my blog! I mean honestly, how can anyone find anything in this place?! The funny thing is that I JUST went through a blog redesign within the past six months I believe.

I had these visions of grandeur. I was doing so much that I figured I could document it. ALL of it! I cook, I dance, I take pictures and do other random crafty things. I even travel every now and then. I can be quite the socialite if I wanted to be. All of this and more I thought was blog worthy. It is, don’t get me wrong. It was all just a little too much for me to put into words at any given time. A little too cluttered due to the way I wanted to present it all here. Just . . . TOO MUCH!

So, I’m thinking about toning it down a bit. Keeping it simple. VERY simple. I’ve been embracing the minimalistic way of life for quite a while now. It’s time that I make use of it here as well. If anything, it will be so much easier for you, my readers, to navigate and actual READ my posts. Yes, this is all for you. That’s Love.

I’ve already taken the liberty of getting rid of a few things. Who knows? Another theme may be next on my agenda.