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My Weekend Wrap Up

Salsa Dancer by Delilah Smith

I had a pretty full weekend this time around. The cool thing about it was one day was completely planned out and the other was not.

My Saturday.
This day was completely devoted to Latin dancing. The Resolution Jam that I mentioned in my previous post had a series of workshops during the day before the actual party got started. I was there, present and accounted for during those workshops. Tons of Salsa footwork for On1 and On2 dancers, styling for us ladies so we can look even more sexy than we already do, and other types of dance were on my agenda for the day. I took my first Kizomba class here! LOVED IT! I see myself pursuing this style more in the future.

Once the sun went down it was time to party. I was very grateful to hook up with a few friends that came out. Great dance partners. I event met and danced with some new faces. Always a great thing. My Saturday night was an excellent dance night!

My Sunday.
I made no plans for this day. Mainly because I was not sure how I was going to feel when I woke up. You see, I ended up going to bed at 5:00am in the morning. Hey, I danced all night!

Anyway, after I got myself ready for the day I decided to attend a ladies styling workshop being offered in Silver Spring. Once I got there I found out that there were not enough registrants which meant that the workshop was canceled. No worries. I ended up going to my second choice which was an On2 Salsa course in Dupont Circle. Great class. I opted not to go out social dancing that night and decided to go for some ice cream instead. Just on a whim. My reasoning? Do I really need one?! Lol. After that it was home.

I ALMOST went back out to dance. Almost. I decided to chill out at home and get ready for my week. Relaxing at home is awesome enough. 🙂

So my weekend in a nutshell was all about DANCE! Nice! I hope to have more days that follow this theme. As a matter of fact let me check out this week’s schedule . . .

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