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My Craving…And My Ridiculous Way To Curb It

Snickers Ice Cream Heaven

I have this really bad habit. I like to eat and enjoy Snickers ice cream bars.
All. The. Time.

Wait. I’m sorry. Let me do this right . . .
Hi! My name is Kionda and I’m an addict.

No lie.
I walk everywhere. I pass a ton of convenience stores along the way. About seven times out of ten I’m stopping in one to get a freaking Snickers ice cream bar! There are some occasions where I’ve stock piled multiples so I won’t have to leave the house. It’s pathetic.

I’m craving one now!

This reminds me of my many failed attempts at quitting smoking. Let me explain . . .
Back in the early millennium, I believe it was circa 2003, I would smoke my pack of cigarettes until I reached the last one. Then I would see how long I could go without buying another pack. This method finally took one day. I ended up going a pretty significant time without smoking. Well, at least significant at that time. I couldn’t, for the life of me, smoke that last cigarette. If I did I KNEW I’d buy another pack and puff away. I ended up keeping that cigarette for a long while.

It finally got old. Staled out. I started smoking again.
Yo! I was an addict. Leave me be!

Anyhoo, the point of this story is that I am craving a Snickers ice cream bar something fierce. I have one in my freezer. Just the one.

I’m not sure if the method will take twice.
I’m also not sure if I want to be cruel to my dear Snickers.
I mean…it’s sole purpose is to satisfy, yes?

Lol. This is SO not helping my healthy and fit state of mind. Especially since I always want to punish a Snickers after I work out. Bad form.

Snickers ice cream bars are one of the reasons WHY I work out in the first place! Lol.

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