She Muses

It’s Hard To Get Moving…Must Be Sunday

Heavenly Espresso...Mmmm

I‘m still in bed.

It’s just too comfortable to be anywhere else at the moment. Sure, I grudgingly crawled out of bed to take care of the essentials. You know…going to the bathroom and all that. I gleefully crawled right back into bed after a short detour to get a glass of milk. I woke up at 8:00 AM.

It’s not unusual for me to spend loads of time in bed on the weekends. Especially if I’d had a pretty full week of work and activities. I always have a full of week of work. That place keeps me on my toes and I love every second of it. Not much as far as activities though. At least for this week. A bit of a surprise.

The huge contributor as to why I’m still in bed is my mattress. I am now the lovely owner of a new Serta Perfect Night Montecristo Pillowtop Mattress. I love the name…Montecristo. Makes me want to watch the movie. Anyway, this mattress is SO SOFT! SO COMFY! I have a funny feeling I’m going to spend many more hours today cuddled up. Can you blame me?

The good news is I really don’t have much to do today. Let’s see…pick up a roll of quarters for laundry, possibly get a utility cart for easy transport of groceries and other large items, do something to my hair, get my Salsa on at Lucky Strike…that sounds about it.

So I don’t have to feel guilty about staying in bed for a while longer. Now, if only I had that heavenly shot of espresso. That would make everything perfect.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday as much as I am…in bed! 😉

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