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Addresses Not Valid Over Time


As I was looking through my blog and seeing how much I really was not tending to it much lately, I noticed my blog roll. That is where I have links to other blogs or websites that I once liked to frequent. I clicked through a few. I found that many of them did not exist anymore. This made me sad.

The majority of the blogs or websites belonged to women that I met online some years ago. They had big dreams. Their visions were clear. At least they were during that time for that particular dream; that particular vision. I know as well as anyone that things change.

A lot of these women have moved on from the dreams of the past. Some have outgrown them and moved on to a bigger more fulfilling dream. Others may be taking a breather so they can work on themselves by constantly improving and preparing. Preparing for what you may ask? Whatever Life has. Whatever that next dream and vision requires of her. Then there are those that have just put those dreams to the side. Maybe even discarded them never to be seen again.

Even though my (web) address has not changed and is still quite valid, I can tell you that I am among those women who is constantly trying to improve. I am among those women who is preparing for her greatness. It’s an every day lesson if I pay attention.

I see the big things that some of these women have moved on to do. A broader line of accessories. Coaching for writers. Web and media design. Persistence and hard word really do pay off in the end. The Grind continues. Go get it Ladies! Show them who runs this mutha!

To the ones that think that their dreams are just a little too unreachable, don’t lose hope. Maybe that was not the dream for you. There are many folk who pursue dreams that do not belong to them and find that it leaves them empty. Your vision will clear up sooner than you think. That dream, the one that is yours and yours alone, will be vibrant as ever. You will be the only one that can translate it into the language of beauty that it is. You will be the only one that can bring it to the world the way it was intended to.

So no worries. Your time will come. I will be looking for that new address of yours very soon.

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