She Muses

All Around The World Same Song


There has been a lot of “same” going on with me lately. Yes, there are many things that have changed: my city, my hair, my mindset (more or less). Where the same enters the picture is how I handle myself during times of stress.

The stress itself is different. The toll that it takes on my system is the same if not amplified. Especially if I am coping with it incorrectly. I can tell ya that I am definitely not coping the way I should. I’ve been distracting myself and running away.

I stopped myself a day or so ago. It was pretty late in the day but I proceeded to withdraw myself from a few of the distractions that were postponing me from facing my stress head on.

It’s too soon to tell if this tactic of mine will work. I have faith that it will. I have faith that I will be a much better place in a few months time. I have faith that my “same” will be better coping practices. I have faith. That’s the beautiful thing. 🙂

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