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Throwback Thursday: Why Do I Get So Bored So Easily & A Great Night!

Originally posted on 29 September, 2009


Why Do I Get So Bored So Easily?

It’s been my nature for as long as I can remember. Something always needs to change for me to be satisfied. I guess that’s why I love to move furniture so much (I think there’s a condition for that). I really do not know. Case in point…I am finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

I have been sleeping in the same place for a while now. I have the same view and the same surroundings. It’s all just the same. It’s driving me NUTS! Well since I’m used to it I’m bored with it and I see no excitement in it anymore. I am probably not making ANY sense to any of you right now but that’s the gist of how I feel. I told you I was messed up in the head. Lol.

By nature I was supposed to be a nomad like woman…kind of like a gypsy. I was never supposed to stay in one place for too long. I am still surprised that I stayed with my previous employer for as long as I did. Also surprised at how long I stayed at one of my residences…five years I stayed in that duplex. I HATED that duplex…but I stayed. Every other place I stayed it was less than two years.

I just had a thought. One of my dreams is to live on a sailboat. With my…obsession I’m going to call it…with moving furniture how is that going to work on my boat? Lol. Nah I already have a plan for that. All of that will be in place much later in life. I will have my coastal property on land as well as my sailboat. I like the things I’m working towards. 😀

I need to keep it fresh in my life to avoid this boredom. I’ve known that for years…that’s why I jump from activity to activity. The point is it’s time for something new. What can I get into this time…


I had a great night. Got some much needed hang out time at this new place in Leawood called RA Sushi. The food was OK. I may need to go a few more times to see if I really like it. The two rolls that I got were alright – a New Zealand roll and the classic Spicy Tuna roll. Yeah I may need to sample a few more rolls to get a better feel for the place. The atmo was GREAT! I had a Mango Martini…very nice! :0)

Yes I need more of these nights…and I shall get them! The company was fantastic!

Alright I’ve got an early day tomorrow…and an ALL day event. Yay me! Lol.