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It seems as though I am doing WAY too much. I am always exhausted beyond sanity so one would think that would be it. Unfortunately, that is FAR from reality. I took note of everything that I AM doing. It’s not much. Not really. My problem? Proper preparation.

My schedule consists of me going to work during the weekdays, dance practice, scheduled teaching gigs, and random dance performances. There are other social events that happen, but not on a consistent basis and only when time allows. Basically my days are filled with work and dance. Nothing wrong with this. I love both. With proper preparation I feel that I could actually enjoy both on a higher level.

This past week was a serious strain on my system. I was not prepared for it at all. To the average person it may look like a simple schedule. Very doable with no issues. For me it was WAY too much due to other factors that go into my day. Let me explain . . .

As you all know, because I mention it constantly, I do not have a vehicle. I rely on DC’s ‘not so finest’ Metro Bus & Rail system. It’s great when it runs the way it is supposed to. Sucks when it doesn’t. The Metro added no additional issues to my week. Just the usual hour and a half ride time from home to work. This is only because I prefer to take the bus straight in. Why pay both a bus AND a rail fare when I can get there only on the bus fare? Exactly!

So, back to my week. I had to work roughly from 9a to about 6p all this past week with a couple of exceptions. I also had an evening event every night this past week. Some of those events kept me out pretty late. That affected how I felt the next day. For example, my Tuesday schedule was the most packed.

I went into work, got off at 6p, went to dance practice at 7p, got ready for my dance group’s night performance, grabbed a quick dinner at the venue, performed at around 11p, ran for the last train of the night so I wouldn’t get stranded directly after performing and grabbed a cab from the train station to home. My day started at 530a and ended at around 1a. I only ate twice.

My Wednesday wasn’t so bad. I was just ‘out of it’ all day and for my dinner that night. The same went for my Thursday where I had another performance that night. By the time Friday came I was DONE! As soon as I saw my bed when I got home that evening I was OUT! Woke up around 11a this morning. That’s right! It was AWESOME!!!

Why this week didn’t really work for me.
First of all, no prep went into my meal options. That pretty much set me up for failure from the get go! Since all time before getting to my destinations are spent on the Metro, having my meals ready to go are crucial! This will ensure that I’m meeting my daily requirements. Eating throughout the day and proper nutrition means higher energy levels. This will also help with my wallet so I’m not eating out multiple times a day. Second, I do not have the luxury of going home after work to relax and/or grab evening attire before my evening begins. I go to everything straight after work. That means I’m carrying EVERYTHING. This consists of a lot of crap.

What I can do to avoid the stress of this week in the future.
Prioritize my events. There are just some things that I really do not need to do, especially during the work week. If it keeps me out past my Metro schedule then I’m not having it. Getting stranded sucks and cabs are expensive. Oh, and PREP FOOD FOR MY WORK WEEK OVER THE WEEKEND! Very important! There’s no time like the present, yeah? 🙂

I believe I can find a happy balance with everything that I have going on in my life. What I’m experiencing is really very common. There are many who feel stress such as this daily. It’s a struggle. I can tell you that once I find that balance I am determined to look as cool, calm, collected, and smooth as that multitasking woman. Taking care of business while still looking and feeling fabulous is my ultimate goal! Lol.

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