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Junk Food Justified

I did good! I came home, stripped down to my bra and panties, and commenced to do a brutal 15 minute full body workout session consisting of various jumping jacks, Russian twists, high knees, and the like. Then what do I do? I ruin it by stuffing my face with Lays potato chips and french onion dip! What in the HELL is my freaking problem?!

I really did set myself up for this failure. My milk went bad early. I found out about this yesterday morning. My plan for a nice, refreshing protein shake was out of the question post workout. I also had absolutely NO plan for a proper dinner. In fact, this is the case for my entire week!

No dinner plans for my week. Hmmmm. Let me explain. I leave my house for work at roughly 7a. I don’t get home until around 730p. By the time I get home I am beat and NOT in the mood to cook. Especially if I want to get a workout in as well. “Well, Kionda, why don’t you use a crockpot to cook your meals?” I am SO glad you asked that question. You see, I do have a crockpot. It’s one of those preset ones. It has the following settings: Off, Warm, 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hours, and 10 Hours. It’s an awesome crockpot! I just do not feel comfortable leaving it unattended for over 12 hours.

I see myself needing to suck it up and cooking when I get home. That would be the most obvious, non-lazy way to go. Eating after 8p really doesn’t appeal to me. I gotta eat though. There are other alternatives that I can consider.


Taking in most of my calories during lunch.
My lunch can be my dinner for the day. A nice, hearty, and balanced meal is what we all need. How do I get that? Thinking about it, I see no issue with cooking my meals through the night in the crockpot and taking it with me. My breakfast can be pretty light. I alternate between oatmeal and eggs. Add some fruit and I’m golden! That just leaves my “dinner” which will be my post workout protein shake or spoonfuls of peanut butter.

Cook ALL of my meals over the weekend.
This will most likely be on a Sunday. I can do a combination of a one pot meal in the crockpot and range cooking. You should really see my face as I just typed that out. I’m not really too thrilled about the idea. One, because there’s a possibility of it lacking variety and/or me changing my mind about it mid week. Two, because I have no room in my fridge to store the week’s worth of food. Don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about it. Plus, I actually want to CHILL on my weekend!

Eat out.
Yeah. I’m not ballin’ to the point where I can eat out every night. It’s a luxury now for me to do so.

Crash someone else’s dinner.
This sounds awesome but is not very likely. Yes, I am the bomb, but people can still get sick of someone as awesome as I am.


Again, I really need to just suck it up and get these meals on the table when they are needed. What I am currently doing is choosing one over the other; a healthy meal or working out. I NEED both! Otherwise, I’m murdering a bag of chips after completing an obscenely high number of burpees!

No bueno.

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