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Uniquely 2013

Uniquely 2013

At least, that is according to Joe whom I follow on many social media channels. It’s the first time since 1987 since a year has had four unique digits. It will be like this for at least another six years. So, that’s seven whole years total of uniqueness. I like the thought of that very much.

My plans for bringing in this new age of uniqueness was just like years past. I planned to party. My preparation for last night’s festivities consisted of a few small events. I was fortunate enough to get off of work at 4p which was AWESOME. I decided to take the train instead of the bus. I wanted to have some extra time to chill out and refresh before my sister came to pick me up for the party popping later. Refreshing consisted of me redoing my hair and makeup for the evening. For some reason it took me longer than normal to do my hair. Seriously, I have never spent SO much time putting my hair in a ponytail! Lol.

My mothered chaired an awesome end-of-year video chat. My grandmother was also present as well as my brother and his wife. My sister joined me at my place. It was great seeing everyone and wishing them a happy and blessed New Year. It had been since July during my brother’s wedding since I last saw the majority of them. That family time was just what the doctor ordered.

A quick dinner before heading to the party was also in order. The party itself was fun. The night was filled with playing UNO, Taboo and other games. Once the New Year was upon us we all collectively brought it in with a two minute prayer. If I am honest with myself, and I’d like to think that I am, I would say that was the highlight of my night. I prayed for a great many things:

  • My family and loved ones both established and new
  • My friends and close acquaintances
  • My current assignment to go permanent
  • An infinite flow of my creativeness
  • Humanity
  • This world I call home
  • The universe as I know it and how I will soon discover it

I see the next seven years ahead as a path to great innovation. Great success for many. With great innovation and success comes even greater challenges. I am excited to take on these challenges in my own unique way. I am determined to conquer them, and in doing so creating something marvelously beautiful. Like only I can.

Are you prepared to do the same? I hope so!

So, here is too a very successful, very creative, very unique 2013 filled with Love, passion, and sincerity.

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