She Muses

What Had Happened Was . . .

So, yet again, I’ve been away. I just haven’t had a free moment to type out a post on my laptop. Even now I’m on my phone. Many reasons why this is.

I had planned on getting a post out the Friday after my last post. You know, give you something at least three times a week. Wasn’t possible. I was folded up in the fetal position experiencing unbearable pain from my hulked out uterus. Not. Fun.


It doesn’t stop there. More of my time was taken, thankfully, by a last minute assignment after that weekend. This particular assignment is with a new client whom I am loving right now. They are AWESOME!

They are located south of downtown DC. My commute there and back is not bad. When I add on my various errands and hobbies it can be a bit much time wise. Not much chill time when I get home. I’ve been going straight to bed. It’s all good though. Like I said, I am VERY grateful for this opportunity. An opportunity that will last me until the end of this year.

I’m getting my schedule under control. My dance company is on break for the holidays so that will help a bit. I’m also hoping for big things going into the next year. Willing them, actually. Looking forward too seeing what comes my way.

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