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Review: “The Hat” For My Bodyrock Needs

I stumbled across an awesome program a few months ago. This find stemmed from a need for me to randomly pick my daily Bodyrock workouts. I already had a simple system in place by shuffling index cards and picking one from the deck. I was on the lookout for an electronic version of this system.

Enter stage left: The Hat created by Harmony Hallow Software.

This program chooses entries from a predetermined list at random. Kind of like drawing names out of a hat for a sweepstakes or other contest. In my case, I’m using it to choose my daily workouts.

I added every workout individually. If a list is available it can be uploaded into the program directly. Once all entries are loaded you have the option to shuffle the list. This reorders all entries just like if you were shaking the hat the entries were in. You are now ready to pick your names.

Click the Hat in the upper left corner to get to the selection screen. Then just simply click “Pick” to choose your entry. That will take that option ‘out of the hat’ so it cannot be chosen again. This keeps it fresh when working out. There are no repeats. If you’ve noticed, I have four workouts chosen. I simply clicked “Pick” four times to get my daily routine. You can choose as many entries as your needs allow. This particular routine was completed by me last Friday.

This program is simple and clean. I highly recommend it, not only for choosing daily workouts, but for blog giveaways, children’s activities, raffles, and other events or situations where a decision needs to be made by randomly choosing.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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