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Time Away, Disobedience & Yoga Challenges

Yes, I’ve been away. I took a little trip up north back to the old country that I like to call upstate New York. Spent some time with family that I haven’t seen since I was a wee bit. Interesting times. Good times as well. Chose not to write about it.

An update on my foot injury. I took a week to fully listen to the podiatrist and the advice that he gave me. I wore the boot at all times except to sleep and shower. I iced my foot as many times as I could for 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off. I took it easy as much as I could which meant no activity. My results? My foot felt worse than when I injured it! PLUS, now my ankle hurts! It didn’t before. What kind of mess is that?! So, needless to say, I’m disobeying the podiatrist. Not fully. Just with certain aspects.

Which brings me to a little challenge that I’m putting myself through.

I have three months of unlimited yoga compliments of Groupon. I did not activate it at the time of purchase due to the podiatrist telling me I couldn’t do any activity. Well, I activated it today. I felt SO GOOD after my first session of Bikram Yoga! My foot did very well. Of course, I performed several modifications to the poses to make sure that all went well. The instructor was very helpful and mindful of my injury. I had a BLAST!

My only concern is not with my foot but with what I did when I finally got home several hours later. I passed out. Lol. Slept for four hours. I’m worried that I won’t get up in the morning to make my morning class. You see, that’s the challenge. I’m going to go to class at least every week day. If I can make it on a weekend, even better. I, at least, want to make it every week day for the next week.

Small challenges. A great way to build them up to functioning habits. In my case, a very healthy one which I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to sleep soon. I have a 515am wake up call.

Any challenges you’ve started lately? How are you progressing?

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