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Challenge: Day 2 Of Bikram & Such

I DID NOT want to get out of bed this morning. My extended nap yesterday evening contributed to that. I was so wore out from my first day of Bikram that I ended up passing out at around ten till 5p. I woke up at 9p. Had trouble getting back to sleep. Huge bummer for my morning.

I finally crawled out of bed 40 minutes later than I was supposed to. One missed bus later I was on my way. My lack of sleep had me feeling a little off but I still got through the poses. Not as good as I did yesterday but I still got through them. Felt great.

At the end of Bikram I had this strong urge to eat a cow. Like a large portion of cow. I was that hungry. Working out normally has me hungry anyway but damn. I resisted the urge and went to Whole Foods to get me some salad greens, cherry tomatoes, and a package of precut carrots, onions, and celery. It was salad time in my mind. With a commitment to healthy exercise comes the same (almost) in diet. Sure, the cow was still mooing in the back of my mind, but do you know how much a steak costs out here?! Whew! Nuff said. With my salad fixins in tow I started the long trek back home.

Now…a funny story. Yesterday I downed so much water after class that I had to seriously go to the bathroom before I even boarded my second bus to get home. I held it for over an hour. Had no choice really. The damn Metro station bathroom was ‘out of service’ so they said. Bollocks! I eased up on the water today so that wouldn’t happen again. Sure ‘nough it did! Not as bad as yesterday but it did happen. Sigh. A word of advice…don’t commit to anything that hinders you from using the bathroom. Especially a two hour bus trip. Lol.

Now…an interesting story. I wore a wrap around bandage for my foot during yoga both today and yesterday. The only difference is I took it off after class today and just let my foot breathe for the rest of the day. The result? My foot feels fine. Still a little tender due to the sprain but it doesn’t hurt like it has been. I even got my strut back! For those that know me, they would describe my walk as a strut. A walk with purpose. Long strides, laser focus on what’s in front of me, and quick. Kind of like a runway walk, or so I’ve been told. I’ve only walked two runways professionally in my lifetime. If that’s what folks see when I walk then that’s what they see. Lol.

Currently I’m trying to keep myself busy so I do not go to sleep. That’s what did me in last night into this morning. I cannot have that happen again. I need to be refreshed BEFORE I walk into the studio. I also need to take measures for recovery fuel when I leave the studio. I’ll pack a scoop of protein power tomorrow. Hopefully the Giant in Friendship Heights has a single serving milk for me to mix it with. That MAY help out with my tiredness. I need it regardless.

So how has your Tuesday been going?

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