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Day 1 & 2 of GYIT2 Challenge


I spent the majority of my weekend figuring out the truth about myself at this point in my life. It was one of my assignments and I went balls in with it! I have pages upon pages of thoughts and figures that will be part of my journal for this challenge. I also revisited my prayers and affirmations. I noticed that a few were out of date, not specific enough, and/or just did not apply any longer. Those were rewritten and will also be a part of my journal for this challenge.

Last night I took a mental break from my soul rediscovery session for a bit and hit the kitchen. Wallace D. Wattles was the playlist selected. I found a wonderful deal on iTunes that gave me three of his titles for the price of one. OF COURSE I went for it! Duh! Lol. The title for the evening? “The Science of Getting Rich”.

On the menu Sunday night was my version of Chicken Teriyaki & assorted veggies over angel hair pasta. I’m a noodle girl…LOVE PASTA. It could be the Italian part of me coming out. 😀 Less than 30 minutes later I had a complete meal ready to eat. That paired with my hot lemon water made for a delish mental break if I may say so myself.

This weekend was an eye opener for me. I know now where I am and what I need to do to get to where I want. I was on track at the beginning of the year but somehow fell off. It’s time to get back on that saddle and git er done!

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