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GYIT 30 Day Challenge – 14 Day Intensive

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this extraordinary woman before on my blog. If not, I am now. Let me introduce you to Shanel Cooper-Sykes (google her biatches). I found her at a time when I wanted to spice up my current relationship. Who knew that she would be getting me through the heartache of the ending of that relationship a week later? That was almost a year ago. I have come a long way and she played a factor in that.

What is on the agenda now? The Get Your ISH Together 30 Day Challenge. It’s 30 days with each day having a different theme. It’s pretty much a habit forming challenge since it takes 30 days to create a habit…or so they say. There will be plenty of soul searching, talking to oneself and to GOD, and affirmation recital. I’m pumped. I’m so pumped that I signed up for her 14 Day Intensive.

The 14 Day Intensive is the 30 days on steroids. There is more interaction with Shanel as well as a few more bonuses to get me in gear. The entire program is geared towards getting ALL of my ISH together which includes my finances, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, etc. Basically making me an all around extraordinary woman with BALANCE. ALL aspects of my life need to be balanced out in order for me to be fulfilled. It cannot be, for example, my sexuality and relationships are high on the scale but my mental is mid range. No. Everything needs to be aligned and equal. Balance is the word here.

Both the 30 Day Challenge and the 14 Day Intensive started yesterday (Saturday the 5th of June). I will try my best to post my progress here. Having multiple places where I’m recording this will be helpful in the future…just in case I fall off track.

Stay tuned…

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