She Muses

Meet My New Baby!

Hey now…I’m part of the VW revolution! Isn’t she a beauty? I found her in Virginia…I’m also thinking of naming her that. Lol.

I name just about everything that I own. My GPS is named Sheila! The two – car & GPS – seem to be getting along quite nicely.

I have to mention a slight dilemna that I had. A little history…every car that I have owned I always considered male. For some reason I cannot see the VW as a male. Nope…cannot do it. The VW screams female to me. I finally gave in and started referring to her as a she. Yes I’m a bit looney if that’s what you were thinking. Lol.

I’m still up in the air about her name. Virginia is cool but it would get kind of confusing when I actually am referring to the state and not my vehicle. Hmmm. I’ll find a name soon enough.

I do miss the Jeep and all the power under that hood. What I’m loving about my Bug is the manual transmission that enables me to bob and weave through traffic with ease. Hey…you have to with this DC traffic! Anyhoo I’m having loads of fun driving her. Let’s see what kind of ‘trouble’ we can get ourselves into. 😀

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