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Oh Blog…How I Have Neglected Thee!



Many, many apologies to my dear blog whom I have neglected for weeks. I keep saying that I will make an effort to post something AT LEAST once a week, if not daily as in the old days with my old blog. I just cannot get myself to click on Add New under the Posts menu. Why is that? Do I feel that I do not have much to blog about? Oh there is dirt…believe me! I am also taking care of mine slowly but surely. Maybe that’s the issue…my forward movement is too slow.

I’m finding that I have a lot of time on my hands due to the end of the season for one of my photography gigs. I have not actively searched for any new gigs either. My days have been mostly getting things in order on a personal level such as my mode of transportation, my living situation, etc. Oh…and spending time with my adorable nephew. 😀

Just think…if I up my game a bit more I may be able to pick up the pace substantially concerning my business. What do you think? Yeah…I just need to get up off of my ars and get moving! I found a hosting company for my website. Plan has been purchased. Let’s get my page published already!

We’re going to try this posting AT LEAST weekly thing again and see where it goes. Out of all of my blogs this one is the most neglected. Maybe I should combine them all…let’s not and say we did! Lol.

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