She Muses

A Milestone Birthday

I made it!!

Wow. 40. A year that I never really worried about like many others.
I had my life crisis at 25, saw how silly that was some time later, and never sweated where I was in life to that magnitude again. Sure, I had a few check-ins along the way. Those are needed to make sure that where we are is still providing the level of enjoyment that we want. Our threshold of happiness. What we believe is needed to continue.

Last year I dedicated my year of 40 to pleasure and pain. I went out of my way to be a bit more social than usual, meeting new people and expanding my circles in the communities that I was already a part of. It was a wonderful year. I experienced great pleasure. I experienced great pain. I’d say that was a successful year.

This year I would like to focus a bit more on my knowledge base. I’d like to enhance my studies in the ventures that I once started previously such as my herbal and yoga studies. I’d also like to add more if I am able. I definitely want to expand on my writing skills. My cooking skills is also on the list. I’ve already settled into this mindset of learning for the winter. I hope to continue this through the spring, summer, and autumn months.

With a new decade of Life comes change. I have a feeling that I will be going through many of these changes in the next couple of years. As with everything that comes my way, I will be grateful and excited for the new opportunities presented to me.

Here’s to another year. Another decade.
Continued Life.