Who I Am

Brown Leather Jacket

Hiya! My name is Kionda (pronounced \ kee-on’-duh \ ). It is an absolute pleasure!

I am just a girl who strives to have the most authentic experiences. I will admit that sometimes I lose site of that in exchange for the status quo. The goal is to be more aware and to live a good life. I would like to think that this is possible.

I am an ever changing being.

This place on the web is a window into my life for those that want to peek in. I have been told numerous times from friends and family from afar that my blog is a way to keep up with me. So here we are.

What I Do

I do a great number of things. Stick around to see what the flavor of the moment is.

I aim to misbehave.

Malcolm Reynolds,
Captain of the “Firefly-class” spaceship Serenity