She Muses

Life Changing Decisions

What I’m about to do here is widely considered “vaguebooking” on the dear old Facebook. I’m going to explain a decision that I made and recently implemented without telling you what it is. I will not apologize for this. Quite frankly I am not ready to be THAT transparent with you all. Some things need to remain private. If you are clever enough to figure it out on your own, more power to you.

I will say that it has to do with my overall health and mental state. The Powers that Be know I could always use a little help in that department. I have noticed a small change since starting over the weekend. I seem to be a little more alert. I do not worry as much as I usually do. Anxiety has decreased slightly. I seem to want to do things. The only immediate and annoying side effect is that I am unusually tired….all the time. Mind you, these are only slight changes. Well, the tiredness is major. I probably will not see any serious changes for the better for another few weeks. I need to keep at it…and power through the exhaustion.

I am also diving into a yoga challenge that a dear acquaintance of mine found on Youtube. She started on Day 1 and has been going strong ever since! She inspired me to give it a try. My official start day was this morning. For everyone else following along they are on Day 15. To catch up I decided to do two-a-days until the end of the month. Yes. I know. Ambitious. Lol. But yo…guess what? I did both Day 1 ANNNNNND Day 2 today. Boom! I am pushing to keep that up. Despite the tiredness I feel great!

You guys should really check out Adriene! I’m loving her vibe.

My decision.

Making it was very difficult for me. It made me realize that I could not manage everything having to do with Me by myself. To be honest, I sort of feel like I failed at Life. That’s something I need to get over really quick. If anything, I’m taking an active role in making my Life better for Me. I’m doing whatever is necessary for Me to manage Me efficiently. In my case that meant surrendering to an option I was vehemently against for several years. Way out of my comfort zone.

I’ve done it.
I’m doing it.
Let’s see where this new road takes me.