She Muses

You’ll Never Get Out Alive

Nah, but seriously. I’ve often wondered how people survive their 30s. I even believe I asked my mother once. I don’t remember her answer.

My 30s have been pretty fabulous thus far. Of course, I have had my many moments. News flash, I’m having a small mental moment now. Overall though my 30s have, and will continue to be, a phenomenal ride.

I started over just shy of 32 on a futon with an adorable newborn as a roommate. I held my dream job as a photographer until my vehicular companion snapped her timing belt. I danced…and danced…and danced until it engulfed me in a blanket of such affection that I had no choice but to surrender. I’ve lusted. I’ve loved. I’ve lost. I’ve forgiven past deeds. I’ve lost hope and found it again many, many times. I’m still figuring it all out as time ticks on.

One day at a time. The best way to take it all in.

Or Did I? Hehehe!