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Calendar Overload

I've Lost My Mind!

Whew! I am planning on doing WAY too much! I mean . . . being sociable is all well and good but GAWD! I’m not leaving any room to breathe it seems. Let’s just take a look at some of the things I’d like to do, shall we?

  • Workout in the morning at least three times a week
  • Dance class on Tuesdays
  • Another dance class on Wednesdays
  • ANOTHER dance class on Sundays
  • Troupe meeting the second Wednesday of each month
  • Troupe performance every third Friday
  • Brunch with one of my circles the third Sunday of the month
  • Brunch with the girls on a Sunday that’s convenient for all
  • Private events scattered throughout the month
  • Possible Monday night dance class
  • And because I’m crazy, a possible Thursday night dance class

Looking at this list it really doesn’t look like much. I know folks who have way more events piled on to their days. They make it work too. I may be able to as well. It looks like the only day that I’ll get to actually rest is Saturday. Oh, wait. I still have to take care of all of my domestic duties. You know, laundry, cleaning of my apartment, meal planning, etc. So in actuality this leaves NO room to chill out. NO REST!


I need to SLOW. MY. ROLE!!!

Obviously I’ll practice good judgement on what events I will be attending during any given week. My only non-negotiable is working out. I NEED that in my life! Dancing is right along those lines. My Tuesdays and Wednesdays will stick. Everything else is flexible.

Here’s to hoping I can at least stick to my non-negotiable items. It’s a win working towards better health through lifting weights and dancing. Priorities. You have to have them.

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