She Muses

Hello Again!

I'm Back!

I know. I’ve been gone for a very long while. I really have no excuse either. Sure, I was having an issue with finding that work/life balance. Sure, I was piling on the hobbies and activities to keep myself busy. Sure, I was exhausted ALL THE TIME. I’m guilty of it all.

All of this is no reason to leave you all hanging like I did. My apologies for that. Truly.

I will admit that I’ve been dealing with a few internal issues. Haven’t we all? It’s a part of living Life. The majority of these issues are still present. You know…the self doubt, how to deal with annoying situations without losing one’s head, etc. It’s a daily adventure. A daily lesson as well. 🙂

You will notice that I’ve remodeled the place a little. It’s still undergoing a design change so do not worry if you see things differently every time you visit. Please do let me know if you run into any issues viewing or navigating. That will be very helpful.

I’m also bringing back Throwback Thursdays! Stay tuned for posts in that series starting this week!

I’m looking forward to writing again. Just writing this short post brought a sort of calm to my being this morning. I guess I missed doing this. ?