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GoogleBot Has Issue With My Calendar


My site has been suspended three times because of GoogleBot. Instead of searching and indexing like it’s supposed to do, it got hung up in my calendar. It got hung up so long that it overloaded the server at my hosting company. Of course, they were dears and let me know all of this by suspending my site. Emails and phone calls were also sent out to inform me of this mess.

What did my calendar do to you?! I’m genuinely hurt about this! Mind you, there wasn’t really much to my calendar. Originally it was set up to show the various creative arts workshops, Salsa and Zumba classes I was teaching, and the DC Salsa scene that I was a part of. Maybe even a gig or two. In actuality I was using the calendar for not even half of what I intended to use it for. The DC Salsa scene was as far as I got.

No workshops. I’ve sort of placed my creativeness to the side until a date to be realized later. No classes. At least no public classes. I’m teaching only private Salsa and Zumba classes. They were not on my calendar to protect my clients. The same goes for random gigs that I may take on. It’s all about client protection. Especially with the types of photos that I take.

You’d think that I wouldn’t miss the calendar. To be honest, it’s too soon to tell. I seriously might forget about it. I may move on to another plugin that will give me the same if not better features without the annoying hang ups. I may just do away with the calendar for good. Who knows? For now GoogleBot is on my crap list. How about raising my site rank without me even trying? That will get you back in my good graces.

For a hearty laugh, PLEASE check out the site where I borrowed this lovely image. HILARIOUS!

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