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Another “I’ve Been Away” Post

It looks again as if some time has passed between posts. If you have been following me for a while this really isn’t new. I can go months before posting. In this case, my absence wasn’t intentional.

Due to an incompetent idiot with my current cell carrier, I’ve been without internet access for the past month. I have been on the lookout for replacement service ever since. It’s a very frustrating task to take on.

There were many ideas for posts during that time. All of them have been lost in the abyss I’m calling my brain. What I should have done was write them down in my journal. Even that hasn’t been cracked open in some time. A very long time actually. This is a concern for me.

I will eventually get those ideas back. At least, I hope so. New ones will come to light. What I need to do when that happens is WRITE THEM DOWN! That way they can make their way here for your viewing and reading pleasure. Winning pleasure as well! Oh, how I had things to give away!

I need to write a lot of things down. My not doing so would indicate that I’m trying to avoid something. My current situation maybe? My internet access trouble? My poor diet as of late? My health? All things of concern. All things I can get through a bit better if I just write it out. It’s worked in the past. Then again, my situation has never been this drastic. Still…getting it out of my head and on paper should be a great coping agent.

As far as my internet access, I have it now. Not with my cell carrier but from another temporary source. It’s time to pay more attention to my blog again. Let’s get to writing! 🙂

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