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Inspiration In An Unlikely Place

Comment spam. Those of us with blogs get in on a daily basis. Some not so much. Others get it by the hundreds. Sifting through all of it can be a pain. At least it is for me. You may ask, “Why sift through it at all?” I do it just in case a real comment is hidden among the real spam. It has happened a few times.

Now I can say that for the first time I have found a comment, that is indeed spam, that got me to think. It inspired me in a way. I’m calling it spam because (1) I cannot decipher the who, and (2) it really has nothing to do with the post itself. True, there are other posts that this comment could have been attached to and been valid. It wasn’t. So I call it spam.

Anyway, as I was sifting I came across this little gem:

Leaving the security of a regular job to become a freelancer is stressful, so make sure that you surround yourself with supportive, positive people. Negative people will suck the energy out of you, killing the joy and excitement of starting a brave, new venture. Maybe they are jealous or maybe they’ve had a bad experience, but, either way, you are better off ignoring their negativity. Listen to those who know what they are talking about, folks who can speak from experience – learn from them and avoid their mistakes. Going pro is risky business and few pro photographers are able to make decent living from their craft. But if you don’t try it, you will never know if you can make it! Prepare yourself financially, have a back up plan and diversify your work as much as possible – shooting, teaching, assisting. The more your income streams are connected to photography, the better chance you have at steady income plus you’ll expand your network and skills – and be happier!

Pretty awesome, eh?

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