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Here’s A Frightening Idea

So, I have this idea. My idea is to put myself in frightening and/or uncomfortable situations. I need to be scared out of my wits. I need to know how to handle any situation while I am scared out of my wits.

I do not believe this is an original idea. I believe that I read it in a book somewhere. There is actually a program or organization that provides just that…uncomfortable situations where one can face their demons and continue on with the task at hand. At least I think there is. If not, I want to create one!

I’ll use myself as the prototype or guinea pig. I’ll put myself through countless scenarios and see how I react in them. Scenarios such as speaking on stage to a very large audience. Yes, I can perform on stage. Speaking is something completely different. Another scenario would be to purposely embarrass myself and work my way through it. The scenarios are endless. I seem to be afraid of a lot of things.

There’s something missing from this model. Support. I’ll need to have some kind of support system in place to 1) make sure I actually do these things, 2) to encourage me through them, and 3) be there after. Nothing works without support in my honest opinion. Nothing stands straight. Nothing lasts. Support is necessary to move forward.

I wonder how I can get started with something like this. Putting myself in these situation may appear to be easy. I still have to get up the nerve. I also need to get my own support system in place. Not sure how I’m going to do that. The majority of the people that I interact with are not in my area. Hmm. Something to figure out.

What I hope to accomplish with this little experiment is being less of a chicken $hit. Being able to have a little more faith in things. Being a bit more confident, not only with myself but in how I deal with certain tasks. That is where my confidence lacks. If I can build up my confidence in the areas that I am passionate about there is no telling how far I can go.

Correction: When I build up my confidence in my passion and all other areas, WATCH OUT WORLD!!!

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