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Day Long Errand Produces Backpack

Well, it wasn’t a complete day but it sure did feel like it. Maybe it was the time that I got started. I did head out towards the mid afternoon. Hmm…

Anyway, I went to pick up this gorgeous backpack from my package receiver up north yesterday. It was about a four hour trip. Four hours. The cool thing is I did the entire trip on one bus fare. That’s pretty awesome.

This backpack, compliments of Groupon Goods, will be replacing the one I currently have. If any of you have seen me recently, you will know that the backpack that I currently have is pretty ghetto. The top holding strap broke off a while back. I stapled it back together. There were times when I also packed my laptop in it. Nothing wrong with that except that this backpack isn’t equipped for that. I made it work and was KILLING my shoulders and back in the process. Yup. Ghetto. Lol.

This new bag has SO many compartments including one for my 17″ laptop. This makes me happy. I’ll be free to carry around other things such as my Salsa shoes, my tablet, my journal, a book, maybe my camera etc. I’ll have to stuff it and see how it feels carrying it around the house before I even think about taking it out in the city. For the test to be accurate I may need to keep it on for a few hours. My photowalks take longer than that. We’ll see.

Due to my all day errand run, I did not Bodyrock yesterday. I know. Boo. I took yesterday as an active rest day. Mainly because when I got home I had a huge pasta meal. I was still full a few hours later. I did not want to chance hurling up my dinner. That wouldn’t have been a good look.

Wednesday night was a good Bodyrock night though. Thanks to my friend, Kelly, we had a great session after our Salsa Styling practice. Let me see if I can remember what we did…

Bodyrock | 6 Exercises x2 | 12 Rounds of 50s On-10s Off | 12m Total

Left V-Crunch
Plank Arm Pumps w/weight
Hanging Knee Raises
Right V-Crunch
Mountain Climbers

My scores? Yeah. I didn’t keep track. Lol. They are not something to write home about. My hope is that next month I can do this same circuit and totally rock at it. I’ll post my scores then. As for now, I’m hydrating up and getting myself ready to Bodyrock this evening. Not sure which workout set I’ll do. I’ll find out later.

Did any of you get any new cool things recently?
How are your workouts treating you these days?

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