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It All Psyched Me Out, Man!



Just look at this view.  Isn’t it divine?  This is a view from a trail that I’m starting to run three days a week.  The way that it winds around is awesome.  I’ve yet to know how far I’m going.  Right now I’m just running and letting my android app tell me how far and how long.

This is not what psyched me out though.  On the contrary.  Everything stated above and the fact that I was meeting other young ladies got me out for my run today.  Thank goodness for dedication with a dash of motivation.

So what DID psych me out?

First of all, I overslept this morning.  Now, mind you, I made it to my assignment on time.  I went packed with nothing.  No lunch.  No snacks.  No nothing.  Not a good start to the morning on that front.

Second, my left ankle started to hurt while on the job.  I was trying to will whatever was going on with it away.  It was too early for anything to hurt.  I just got started!  I did not want to stop.  The cool thing is it worked.  My ankle was good to go after a few hours.

Third, since I didn’t pack ANY food at all, and I still had a long drive to make back to my office, I stopped at McDonalds for a McChicken, a McDouble, and a small fry off of their dollar menu.  Yuck!  My reasoning?  If I didn’t eat anything then I’d get a hunger headache followed by a serious stomach ache.  No running for me if that happened.  So I went the fast food route.

Once I finally got to the apartment I was a little tired but stoked about my run.  When have I ever been so excited about running?  Pause. Thinking…

Once on the trails I wanted to beat my time from Monday. That didn’t happen. Yes, I ran for the 1.5 miles nonstop. Well kind of. I got caught in a leash when I had about 1/4 of a mile left to go. That really psyched me out. I continued to run but that added another minute to my time from Monday. So sure, I was a bit bummed. The cool thing is I added some distance today. Sweet!

Yeah, I cannot think of any other time that I’ve been excited about running.  Interesting.

Ponder why this is, I will.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy these delicious chocolate chip cookies that my sister made.  Hey, don’t judge!  This is why we exercise, right?  To eat?  That’s one of my reasons for sure.  Lol.  No worries.  I had a bowl of protein packed chili from Trader Joe’s for dinner after my run.  Yummo!

I’m so looking forward to my Friday evening run.  Let’s hope my legs are up for it.  🙂

Any advice for me to assist with leg soreness?  I wince at the site of stairs now.

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