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Wish I Was Back in NY

For those of you that do not know I am recently back from a phenomenal weekend in NY/NJ. I attended a seminar that was so full of energy and life. I met up with four very extraordinary people for this seminar and let me tell you…they are some GO GETTERS! I also got to meet someone who I admire that has made it on her terms. I have been following her for a year now. The seminar that I attended was the Millionaire Mind Intensive by Peak Potentials Training.

What I learned at this seminar was amazing! One of the many lessons: How can I change my money blueprint? They gave us the how and opened our eyes to other tools that can assist in that journey. Like I said…a very PHENOMENAL weekend.

So why do I say that I wish I was back in NY? Because I came home to the same stuff that was present before I left…negativity and challenges to overcome. The challenges are great…bring em on I say and bring em hard! It’s the negativity. It’s the ever present tension. I was not feeling any of this in NY or NJ. It was a great escape. The thing is that’s what vacations are viewed as…escapes. A way to get away from life for a while to recharge so you can tackle it with gusto when you get back.

One of the things that was said repeatedly at the seminar was that they were preparing us for “Monday”. What is Monday to most folks? It is when their week starts. It is when the cycle begins again. It is when our previous habits are in full force. Reality sets in once again. The goal was to implement the newly learned habits on Monday…and beyond. Do not let “life” get the best of you. Life is the greatest game ever created! You play to win! Oh and you want to know the secret? YOU CANNOT LOSE! Tell me that is not the best news you have heard today!

So what do I need to do? I need to put myself first. I need to not worry about everyone’s issues and concentrate on my own. I need to continue to get ME together. I am no use to anyone else if I am a HOT MESS. So…I will continue to climb up my ladder of success. Nuff said!


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