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New York Here I Come!

Well actually it’s NJ. I’m heading there for a wonderful seminar that’s going on for the weekend. How am I getting there? Greyhound.

I haven’t rode a Greyhound bus since 1996! Let me tell you why. When I was stationed in Georgia back in ’96 I was the ‘lucky’ one to sit next to the Cuddler on my way back from Florida over the Thanksgiving weekend. Who is this you may ask. In this case it was some long haired white male who obviously didn’t get enough sleep. It didn’t help matters that I had this nice and plush stuffed bear riding back with me. I woke up to find this man all cuddled up…nice and comfy…on me and my bear. I haven’t even considered Greyhound for travel again…until now.

Greyhound had the best price for a round trip ticket from the District to New York. My trauma was forgotten and the ticket was purchased. I mean hey…that was almost 15 years ago. It was time to let that ISH go and keep it moving.

So far all is well with my trip. It’s raining but it’s all good. I’m rocking the natural hair so no worries there. Plus playing in the rain is always fun. 😀

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