She Muses

Being Sick Kicks Rocks!



I am sick as a dog right now and not too happy about it.  Then again who is ever happy about being sick?  True you get to stay in bed for the majority of the day in your jammies, hair a hot mess, with a box of tissues always nearby.  You also get to enjoy a nice bowl of Classic Chicken soup compliments of Chunky.  The TV is available as well as the never ending internet.  What more can a girl ask for?

It is a BEAUTIFUL day outside!  Plus it’s St Patrick’s Day!  I don’t know…maybe spending loads of time outdoors taking in the sites and sounds of the city?  Yeah that sounds so much better.

Alas that is not for me today.  I need to tend to my sickness so I can be well tomorrow before my photo shoot.  Yup…plenty of fluids, light exercise, and rest is the plan for me today.  I’ll probably go out for some fresh air but I’ll have to stay local…like just my block.  I can enjoy my city over the weekend.