She Muses

Goodbye 2017 / Hello 2018

What a wonderful year.
What a trying year.


2017, as were the years proceeding it, was all of the things mentioned above. The cycle truly continues but in different ways and in different situations. This is the beautiful and sometimes frustrating thing about Life. I like the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Things change all around us with time and circumstances. The majority of the time the outcome and the feelings associated are about the same. Patterns. We as humans really love our patterns.

This past year for my year of 40 I set an intention. A year of pleasure and pain. I am still within that year since MY year does not start for another few weeks. For the calendar New Year though I’ve already started my reflection. Affairs of the heart are at the top of this reflection session with my heartbreak taking center stage. Yes, I loved this year. Deeply for me. The time with that gentleman felt like home . . . until it didn’t. I do not regret a single second of that interlude. I am the better for it.

I have met and have made some stunning connections in 2017. Couples that make me smile when they display the affection they have for each other. Men and women who are strong, gentle, and completely badass with everything that they do. Humans who are not afraid to be vulnerable and are as much of themselves as they are comfortable with. These are my people. My hope is that these connections carry over into the New Year.

My reflection period will continue until my official year begins. My intentions for the coming year will also be drafted and put into the universe. An immediate wish that I have as I move into this new decade of life soon is that I am more forthcoming with my thoughts; for my own personal journal as well as these online pages. I may have wished this previously. Nothing really came of it. I felt that I had nothing to write about. Nothing worthwhile to share. Looking back though, I had SO MUCH to share! Fear. It’s an interesting thing that can have so much control on one’s actions and perceptions. I’ll work on that.

I’ll leave you with my wishes for all of your dreams to come true and your intentions to bear fruit for your Life harvest! 2018 will be a great year for us all. I’m sure mine will be as I described here. I am totes cool with that.

Happy New Year, Lovelies! I’ll see you on the other side!

Love & Light.