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My First Weekend In December

I had a great weekend! Did a lot of dancing as I always do on my Saturdays. I love my Salsa! Despite my little transportation debacle (it took me three hours to get home) it did not ruin my weekend at all. Sunday was my highlight. Imagine over 2000 young girls dolled up in colorful tutus, glitter, and sneaks totally pumped about fitness and running. It was truly a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.

Girls On The Run Washington DC held their annual 5K run in Anacostia Park this past Sunday. DC area girls in the third grade up to the eighth grade got to participate in a monumental event which was, for most of them, their first 5K race. Thanks to an all call from my local DC chapter of Black Girls Run, I was honored to volunteer at one of the water stations and food tent to give the girls their post run hydration energy.

Other stations were available to entertain the young ladies. Hair stations, face painting, temp tattoos, and a stage with a DJ spinning party tunes for us all to jam to. Seriously, I think I heard Gangnam Style at least 10 times while I was there. That didn’t stop me from dancing to it every single time though. Lol.

The medals given to the girls were the cutest. They had them all hanging from a tree right behind my station. Once the girls crossed the finish line they received their medals, took team and individual pictures, and enjoyed the various amounts of congratulations given by their parents, coaches, and surrounding volunteers. All of it was well deserved. To see the feeling of accomplishment on the faces of these girls was enough for me.

I will MOST DEFINITELY be volunteering for an event such as this in the future. They hold these races twice a year, one in the spring and the other late fall. My name will be one of the first on the list for sure! A HUGE thank you goes out to GOTRDC, the fabulous ladies of BGR!, and the 2000+ young ladies that made my Sunday one of the best this year. I was truly touched by the experience.

My Afternoon At Sitea Enchanted Teas & Treats

I woke up this past Saturday with a stuffy nose and a feeling of disorientation. I decided not to go to dance practice in fear of getting my instructors baby sick. That would have been bad. Very, very bad. My plan was to ingest as much tea as possible to combat this growing sickness. I was NOT going to have some little cold stop me. A few short minutes later I decided to try out this little tea and spice shop in the neighborhood of Takoma in NW DC called SiTea.

I know of this place due to my brief week attending classes at Mamasita Dance Studio just a few doors down. A friend of mine tried one of their teas and had rave reviews about it. I was eager to try, mainly because I loved the atmosphere at the dance studio – tranquil, warm, and inviting. I figured it would be the same at SiTea. I can tell you that I was not disappointed.

My mood was not too good before I walked in the door. It improved a few notches once I was inside. The Electronica booming through the speakers gave the shop a true lounge feel that I loved. The decor immediately put me at ease. No tables. Well, at least, not the traditional restaurant table and chair setup. Just a cozy sitting area with sofas and arm chairs. Coffee tables, end tables, and animal print storage ottomans completed the look encouraging shared conversation and experiences. The shop was run by the Lady Diva herself, Dane Figueroa Edidi who made my first visit there very special. It was perfect.

Since I was feeling a bit under the weather, my first tea was their Rescue Me blend which I believe came from the green tea family with a few magical additions of their own including cinnamon. I sipped on that while I did some serious journalling. I felt how the tea opened up my sinus passageways allowing me to breathe easier. Later I decided to try their “Tea of the Moment” which just happened to be their Black Magic Woman blend. It was a chai tea made with Almond milk and a few other key ingredients to make it sexy as hell. The taste was heavenly. I complimented the tea with a couple of their delectable treats: A samosa and Caribbean Jerk chili, both vegetarian. I assume both recipes can be found in Dr. Sunyatta, the shop owner’s, cookbook just released this past September. After sampling these dishes I am seriously considering the purchase.

One thing that I can tell you is that I WILL be returning. I’m also trying to make my way back to the dance studio as well. Both places will surely help me on my path to my own personal enlightenment. If I get healthy and fit along the way, all the better!

Oh, and in case you missed the various links throughout the post, here is a list of resources for you. Please check them out, say hello, and partake in the goodness as much as you can. It’s totally worth it. BELIEVE ME!

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Showing KC Some Love

I‘ve been away. Only for a little bit. I traveled to Kansas City last week for a girlfriend’s wedding. I just got back into town yesterday afternoon. It was a good week. Great, even.

I crashed at my aunts house. Love her. When I was actually there, I spent the time relaxing and chatting with her and my teen aged cousin. Wonderful conversations. Tons of laughter. Oh…and bacon! Lol.

I did get to spend some time with a few other peeps while I was there. A very good girlfriend and I went to our place for sushi. It’s like a tradition. When I’m in town, we go to Izumi’s on 135th. Our order is about the same with a few differences: Edamame, 2 Crab Salads, 2 Miso Soups, and two/three sushi rolls. The differences are in the sushi rolls that we pick. The Alan roll is a staple. We get it every time. It’s THAT good. We tried two new rolls this go around: The Crazy Roll and another roll that I forgot the name of but was DELISH! After dinner we went to a local bar and enjoyed a few beers with a few other folks. Anything Boulevard is my choice when I’m in KC. I can’t get it anywhere else, especially in DC. Miss that brew.

The main reason for the KC trip was for my girlfriend’s wedding. We started off the weekend running last minute errands like picking up the bouquet and other needed items. The rehearsal dinner was held at Salvatores. It’s a family owned Italian restaurant in Independence, MO that serves DA BOMB food! I had the Chicken Spiedini. O.M.G!!! Perfection! The wedding itself was beautiful!  It was a gorgeous outdoor ceremony held at Longview Lake.  The day was perfect.  The bride was glowing.  The whole thing was pure awesomeness.   No pictures since I was IN the wedding. How would that have looked? The bridesmaid going for every angle instead of standing her post. I actually have a pretty funny visual of that. Lol. The really cool thing is we were transported to the wedding site in a camper bus. How awesome is that?!  The reception followed where I did the Cha Cha Slide and The Wobble true to form.  Good times!

I also got the chance to spend some time with a few other special people while I was there. I dedicated my entire Sunday to my Mother. She brought over some fixings for a Sunday brunch and we cooked it at my aunts place. I requested some AWESOME bacon. Mainly because my aunt doesn’t eat the stuff and I wanted it. I have a funny feeling the pans used to cook the swine are in the trash now. Lol. I also got to spend some time with my gentleman. Saturday at the wedding was a blast. We also had a few stolen moments on Monday to chat and just be.

I was in the air Tuesday morning and I hit the ground running as soon as I touched down in DC that afternoon. I would say that this KC trip was a success. No plans as of yet to head back. That could change at any given time though. We’ll see. 🙂

Any cool trips you’ve taken lately? Tell me about it!

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What Would You Do?

I woke up this morning stoked! I had a day of shooting scheduled. Just me and my camera. Our own little date. It had been a while since we spent any quality time together. I made it a purpose to correct that today.

There is always a location in DC that I default to for pictures and just to hang out. It happens to be the National Mall. Love that place. Have TONS of unacceptable to me pictures from there. It’s also a place where I can just go, sit, and think. Today was a beautiful day to do just that.

I wasn’t really in the mood for The Mall today. At least not to take pictures. That was the point, right? To get out there and take pictures? That’s when I came across this article in the Washington Post. An art project? Chyeah! I’m SO there!

This public art project was installed by a couple outside of a construction site on the corner of 14th & Q Streets NW in Dupont Circle. The display is to honor the passing of loved ones. Per the photos in the article the wall was full of declarations from many DC residents and tourists alike. When I finally got there those words were no where to be found. Rain had smeared the wall and it had to be wiped clean. New declarations could be written.

I was there to witness only a few people write what they’d do before they died. One gentleman wrote that he wanted to please his ancestors. A young lady wanted to bring someone to Jesus. Another young lady wanted to finish her doctorate. A young man wanted to be famous. I told him that he already was.

There were many funny ones listed. The one that stuck with me, and I have no idea why, is someone wanting to be made fun of on Saturday Night Live. Nice.

Of course, I made my own contribution to this visible bucket list. When I accomplish this one thing I know that I will be at peace and the happiest woman alive.

So what would you do before YOU died?

Love My Date Nights

I have this thing that I like to do. I’ve been doing it for years and I always look forward to it. I take myself out on dates.

I get dressed up, pick a venue, and enjoy a meal and a beverage of my choice. I take with me my journal and/or a book or two. The time I spend with myself is always very enjoyable. I’ve been noticing lately that I get the most attention when I’m out on my dates.

Last night I went to an open all night book store in Dupont Circle called Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe & Grill. I loved the atmosphere. They sat me in an intimately lit corner in their sunroom I believe it was. During the warmer months they open up the place and it becomes their outdoor patio. It was perfect. I pulled out my book and began to read.

What was on the menu? For me it was their Cafe Seafood Gumbo paired with their Abita Turbodog stout that I believe was brewed in LA. At least that’s what the menu said. Lol. The beer came first and it did not disappoint. I continued to read.

Out comes my seafood gumbo. Looks delish! I am the type of girl that dances when I eat…especially if the food is good. Let’s just say I was doing a ton of dancing and smiling during my meal. I was in my own little world…as always. 🙂

I still had my beer and wanted to finish it before ordering dessert. I continued to read until I had done just that. So what was on the menu for dessert?

Red Velvet Cake! It had been a while since I’ve had it. The cupcakes at Starbucks don’t count. Lol. I wanted an actual slice. I got it here. How was it you may ask? It…was…heaven! Yes, I was moaning with just about every bite. I am not ashamed!

To cap off my evening the plan was to enjoy music from a jazz guitar artist at the bookstore. Unfortunately, they did not start at the time they were supposed to. Plus there was no place to sit. The artist was slotted to perform in the bookstore and not the cafe or bar. It was standing room only and getting quite packed. I opted for a quiet corner in the Starbucks a couple of doors down with my book. It was a great alternative.

Me enjoying my evening out gained the attention of a few patrons also out on the town. I guess that would happen. If someone is genuinely having a great time and enjoying one’s company then one will exude happiness and good vibes. I was doing plenty of that. I am one that truly enjoys spending time with myself. There are not many people who can say that.

For my next date night? Probably a nice jazz joint down on U street. That can be enjoyed with either myself or a friend. Hmmm…let me see when I can make that happen.