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Challenge: Day 2 Of Bikram & Such

I DID NOT want to get out of bed this morning. My extended nap yesterday evening contributed to that. I was so wore out from my first day of Bikram that I ended up passing out at around ten till 5p. I woke up at 9p. Had trouble getting back to sleep. Huge bummer for my morning.

I finally crawled out of bed 40 minutes later than I was supposed to. One missed bus later I was on my way. My lack of sleep had me feeling a little off but I still got through the poses. Not as good as I did yesterday but I still got through them. Felt great.

At the end of Bikram I had this strong urge to eat a cow. Like a large portion of cow. I was that hungry. Working out normally has me hungry anyway but damn. I resisted the urge and went to Whole Foods to get me some salad greens, cherry tomatoes, and a package of precut carrots, onions, and celery. It was salad time in my mind. With a commitment to healthy exercise comes the same (almost) in diet. Sure, the cow was still mooing in the back of my mind, but do you know how much a steak costs out here?! Whew! Nuff said. With my salad fixins in tow I started the long trek back home.

Now…a funny story. Yesterday I downed so much water after class that I had to seriously go to the bathroom before I even boarded my second bus to get home. I held it for over an hour. Had no choice really. The damn Metro station bathroom was ‘out of service’ so they said. Bollocks! I eased up on the water today so that wouldn’t happen again. Sure ‘nough it did! Not as bad as yesterday but it did happen. Sigh. A word of advice…don’t commit to anything that hinders you from using the bathroom. Especially a two hour bus trip. Lol.

Now…an interesting story. I wore a wrap around bandage for my foot during yoga both today and yesterday. The only difference is I took it off after class today and just let my foot breathe for the rest of the day. The result? My foot feels fine. Still a little tender due to the sprain but it doesn’t hurt like it has been. I even got my strut back! For those that know me, they would describe my walk as a strut. A walk with purpose. Long strides, laser focus on what’s in front of me, and quick. Kind of like a runway walk, or so I’ve been told. I’ve only walked two runways professionally in my lifetime. If that’s what folks see when I walk then that’s what they see. Lol.

Currently I’m trying to keep myself busy so I do not go to sleep. That’s what did me in last night into this morning. I cannot have that happen again. I need to be refreshed BEFORE I walk into the studio. I also need to take measures for recovery fuel when I leave the studio. I’ll pack a scoop of protein power tomorrow. Hopefully the Giant in Friendship Heights has a single serving milk for me to mix it with. That MAY help out with my tiredness. I need it regardless.

So how has your Tuesday been going?

Time Away, Disobedience & Yoga Challenges

Yes, I’ve been away. I took a little trip up north back to the old country that I like to call upstate New York. Spent some time with family that I haven’t seen since I was a wee bit. Interesting times. Good times as well. Chose not to write about it.

An update on my foot injury. I took a week to fully listen to the podiatrist and the advice that he gave me. I wore the boot at all times except to sleep and shower. I iced my foot as many times as I could for 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off. I took it easy as much as I could which meant no activity. My results? My foot felt worse than when I injured it! PLUS, now my ankle hurts! It didn’t before. What kind of mess is that?! So, needless to say, I’m disobeying the podiatrist. Not fully. Just with certain aspects.

Which brings me to a little challenge that I’m putting myself through.

I have three months of unlimited yoga compliments of Groupon. I did not activate it at the time of purchase due to the podiatrist telling me I couldn’t do any activity. Well, I activated it today. I felt SO GOOD after my first session of Bikram Yoga! My foot did very well. Of course, I performed several modifications to the poses to make sure that all went well. The instructor was very helpful and mindful of my injury. I had a BLAST!

My only concern is not with my foot but with what I did when I finally got home several hours later. I passed out. Lol. Slept for four hours. I’m worried that I won’t get up in the morning to make my morning class. You see, that’s the challenge. I’m going to go to class at least every week day. If I can make it on a weekend, even better. I, at least, want to make it every week day for the next week.

Small challenges. A great way to build them up to functioning habits. In my case, a very healthy one which I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to sleep soon. I have a 515am wake up call.

Any challenges you’ve started lately? How are you progressing?

Day Long Errand Produces Backpack

Well, it wasn’t a complete day but it sure did feel like it. Maybe it was the time that I got started. I did head out towards the mid afternoon. Hmm…

Anyway, I went to pick up this gorgeous backpack from my package receiver up north yesterday. It was about a four hour trip. Four hours. The cool thing is I did the entire trip on one bus fare. That’s pretty awesome.

This backpack, compliments of Groupon Goods, will be replacing the one I currently have. If any of you have seen me recently, you will know that the backpack that I currently have is pretty ghetto. The top holding strap broke off a while back. I stapled it back together. There were times when I also packed my laptop in it. Nothing wrong with that except that this backpack isn’t equipped for that. I made it work and was KILLING my shoulders and back in the process. Yup. Ghetto. Lol.

This new bag has SO many compartments including one for my 17″ laptop. This makes me happy. I’ll be free to carry around other things such as my Salsa shoes, my tablet, my journal, a book, maybe my camera etc. I’ll have to stuff it and see how it feels carrying it around the house before I even think about taking it out in the city. For the test to be accurate I may need to keep it on for a few hours. My photowalks take longer than that. We’ll see.

Due to my all day errand run, I did not Bodyrock yesterday. I know. Boo. I took yesterday as an active rest day. Mainly because when I got home I had a huge pasta meal. I was still full a few hours later. I did not want to chance hurling up my dinner. That wouldn’t have been a good look.

Wednesday night was a good Bodyrock night though. Thanks to my friend, Kelly, we had a great session after our Salsa Styling practice. Let me see if I can remember what we did…

Bodyrock | 6 Exercises x2 | 12 Rounds of 50s On-10s Off | 12m Total

Left V-Crunch
Plank Arm Pumps w/weight
Hanging Knee Raises
Right V-Crunch
Mountain Climbers

My scores? Yeah. I didn’t keep track. Lol. They are not something to write home about. My hope is that next month I can do this same circuit and totally rock at it. I’ll post my scores then. As for now, I’m hydrating up and getting myself ready to Bodyrock this evening. Not sure which workout set I’ll do. I’ll find out later.

Did any of you get any new cool things recently?
How are your workouts treating you these days?

High Hopes & Bodyrocking

My day started off with a smile. I had a plan and I was sticking to it. Rise, thank the most high, Bodyrock, and make a very important phone call. That was going to take up most of my morning. I didn’t mind that. As long as I got it done.

This phone call that I am referring to is to an employer that has invited me for an interview. YES, an interview! I haven’t had one of those in MONTHS! I received the email yesterday morning. I had to read it twice to make sure it was what I thought it was. I was very excited. After confirming that it was an actual invite to interview, I started over analyzing like I always do. I started thinking of how other people may be affected by me proceeding forward and actually getting the position. It’s not a traditional 9 to 5. The hours are tough. The cool thing is that I’ll be traveling the majority of the time.  After much thought and speaking to a friend about it yesterday, I decided to go for it. What is this dream job you may ask? An airline flight attendant.

After about my 200th attempt to get through to the scheduling recruiter this morning, I was in like Flynn. I have to go through a group interview first. This is scheduled for next Thursday, the 26th of April in Houston, TX. The airline will fly me out for the interview and get me back to DC the same day. Sweet! I’m sending out TONS of positive vibes to get past this first step and onward through the remaining steps. I want my wings!

So giddy right now!

In other news, I completed my Bodyrock workout this morning as well. I am SO going to be feeling this. I just hope my dancing at practice tonight isn’t totally affected by it. Lol.

What I Did Today:

Bodyrock | 2 Exercises Abs & Cardio | 15m | Round Challenge

50 Jumping Jacks w/ 1lb weighted Jump Rope
30 Crunches

For the rope jacks, a rep was every time my feet were apart. So, every two jumps was a rep. For the crunches I was required to do one front (regular) crunch, one left oblique crunch and one right oblique crunch. I think I did them wrong. Reading the instructions it says that EVERY crunch is a rep. What I did was count every set as a rep. So, every front, left, and right crunch was a rep. No WONDER my abs are screaming at me! Lol.

My Scores:

3 Rounds with 38 additional Rope Jacks
Hell Chyeah!!!

I’m going to continue to stretch and hydrate up. The rest of my afternoon is jam packed.  Hopefully I’ll be able to function after the sweet torture I just put my body through.  We’ll see.  🙂


So, any good news or things that are making YOU giddy today? How was YOUR workout today if you did one?

Working Out The Webs

I have this cute little saying that I like to throw out when I’m in front of a huge plate of food/dessert that really isn’t good FOR me but is SO DELICIOUS. I like to say, “I work out so that I can eat like this.” Lately I’ve still been eating the way that I do but I haven’t really been working it out. I say it’s because of my recent injuries to my foot.


True, I still do need to keep in mind my foot when I’m doing ANY kind of activity. I just cannot let that stop me from getting in a decent workout. I have been lately. It’s time that I STOP!

Due to a pinky swear (yes, I still do that) with a good friend of mine, I am now going to be held accountable. I see this woman at least three times a week plus we are always in constant contact via text and other chat clients. There is NO WAY she will let me get away with missing a workout. LOVE HER!

What workouts am I referring to? Well, I have two sources for my workouts currently – & Zuzana Light. Both resources are similar and provide home workout ideas for folks with and without equipment. I’m concentrating more on tabata and other interval workouts which is what these resources are all about. They kick my A$$. That is a GOOD thing.

What I did today:

Zuzana’s ZWOW Challenge #13 with Mods | 4 Exercises | 32 Rounds of 20s On-10s Off | 16m Total

Alternating Leg Balance
Mountain Climbers
Leg Raises
Burpees with Pushup

Armed with my bottle of water, my Gymboss, and dressed in only a sports bra and panties, I did the damn thang. I looked like a total dork doing these exercises but I got it done! Not where I wanted to be physically due to me half assing it for the past few months since I found these sites. I concentrated more on my form so my numbers were way down. My foot did ok. I was more worried about it than anything. It felt fine during the workout and after during stretching. It feels kind of weird now. Not sure what that’s all about but I’ll see what’s up with that as the day goes on.

Not a bad way to spend one’s Monday, eh? I’ve already checked in with my Bodyrock partner. I’ll be making sure she takes care of business this evening when she’s done teaching her Salsa class. In the meantime, I’ll be incorporating other forms of dance in addition to my Salsa since I don’t feel comfortable enough to run yet. I have Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” choreography set aside just for this purpose. Brilliant!

How are you guys getting it in with your workouts? I would love to hear about your journeys as well.

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